Although all Internet Astronauts will be minted equally, they are not all the same. Some of these Nauts landed on better planets and got some rarer traits. Whether you got the rarest Naut in space or not, we want each naut to feel unique in some way


Holders will be able to access the marketplace and start to trade/flip their NFT's.

Marketplace Listing

Unlike other NFT's, ALL of these NFT's will be available for the community. No price.

Space Center Launch

According to community interest Internet Astronauts can gain membership to the Space Center where they can customize their nauts. The internet astronauts don’t get to the moon alone, so the Space Center will symbolize team work

Launch of Perks

Various dApps on IC agreed to collab on IASC for future perks. NFT authenticators will lead willing dApps can accept pre-existing NFT's and offer some benefits. However, at this point, Internet Astronauts are first Pass NFT's of a dAppverse and not not sure on future.

Internet Astronauts are collectable art pieces lives on ICP!

Launch of Updates

There may be new amazing updates on current desings or drops for your creativity, but Internet Astronauts will be limited to 10,000.


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